L'héritage colonial du Maroc

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heritage_colonial_titelbild ● Treatment and critical reflection of numerous aspects of the influence of the French Protectorate in Morocco (1912-1956).

● Proven Moroccan and German researchers treat various aspects of the overall topic in 24 contributions altogether. The central question in every article is whether the period of the Protectorate has led to a modern, innovative development or to a structural deformation of society.

● The contributions are enriched by numerous old thematic maps and postcards to make the volume more easily readable and visually more attractive.

● The topics are subdivided into six chapters (Political and historical aspects of the Protectorate; Rural development and agricultural policy; Urban development and urban planning; The colonial policy towards selected groups; Leisure behaviour and tourist trips; The relationships of Morocco to the transsaharian regions since the Protectorate) and each chapter is characterized with the help of a short introduction.

Brief description:

In 2012 there was the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Fes, the official beginning of the colonial rule of France over Morocco. The European rule over the Kingdom of Morocco lasted 44 years, from 1912 to 1956. On the occasion of this centenary of the beginning of the Protectorate we considered it the time to analyse academically the question whether this period has an influence on the organisation of space and society even today, be it as a decisive impulse for modernization or as a structural deformation.

Thus this commemorative year 2012 was the symbolic occasion to again ask the question of the effects of the period of the Protectorate on the country and to try to answer it. As the reader will be able to see, the results connected with this topic are fairly differentiated, but not only negative in all the cases.

The book comprises, subdivided into six topical chapters, the contributions of Moroccan and German specialists, given and put up for discussion on the occasion of the 8th German-Moroccan symposium in Bayreuth in April 2011. The nationality of the researchers (no French) may have the advantage that the discourse can be expected to take place on a completely “neutral platform”.


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340 pages with 335 illustrations, 5 text boxes, 21 tables and 10 illustrative large photos.

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